Clinical Investigation Unit

Titleimage: Clinical Investigation Unit

The Department of Clinical Research is your first point of contact when it comes to any aspect of clinical research, from concept to study conduct and on-site management. The Clinical Investigation Unit (CIU) and Clinical Trials Unit (CTU Bern) work together under the DCR umbrella to provide comprehensive support for patient-centered research.

The Clinical Investigation Unit is the unit within DCR that has operational expertise for all aspects of clinical research from start up to completion and dissemination of results. We have strong patient engagement and are assisting in any way to ensure trial conduct is optimal. We are happy to engage in any stage of trial even if the trial has commenced. We operate on a flexible modular fashion to best enhance each individual collaboration.

We work in close partnership with clinical and translational researchers across the Faculty of Medicine and throughout the University of Bern, and Inselspital and associated health services, as well as external researchers and organizations, such as start-ups and established industry partners.